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Multicultural Marketing

At a Glance

Once you have localised your products and services, eTranslates delivers services to assist you in marketing your products to the multicultural markets.

Communication Strategies
eTranslate develops multicultural communication strategies that enable clients to target selected communities with effective multilingual communication, in the knowledge that the campaign is culturally appropriate and relevant to the needs of the target audience.

In positioning communication strategies, eTranslate brings into play its extensive skills developed in this specialised niche market and our strategic advice ensures that every possibilities is considered in the development and implementation of quality multicultural communication.

Public Relations
In acknowledging that PR campaigns can be valuable additions to your paid media schedules, eTranslate has the expertise to plan and implement public relations campaigns that specifically designed to attract editorial content in ethnic press and radio.

Well-established working relationships with the ethnic media ensure that your press releases, translated and typeset to your letterhead are given strong consideration for editorial support. In seeking additional exposure on radio, eTranslate; in consultation with the client develops a question and answer script that is translated into the selected languages and provided to the radio stations. In overcoming language deficiencies within an organisation, eTranslate provides bilingual speakers for the interview.

Clients of eTranslate receive post campaign reports detailing the editorial results achieved through public relations activities.

From its research database, eTranslate is able to provide support to clients in the selection of communities to be targeted. This may include census data covering population figures at Local, State and Federal levels, English language proficiency, recent arrivals, various age demographics and community breakdowns within Local Government areas.

Furthermore, through established alliances, eTranslate undertakes specific qualitative market research programs.

Ethnic Media Recommendation
The independence of eTranslate enables clients to access a consultancy that plans ethnic media without any affiliations or allegiances to media ownership or representation.

This provides clients with comprehensive access to all ethnic media with unbiased schedules that are designed to reach the target audience in the most efficient and cost effective manner.

eTranslate provides a media monitoring service that is designed to demonstrate the support provided by the ethnic press and radio to public relations campaigns with a clipping service, monitoring is also undertaken to confirm placement of paid media schedule.

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